アルミニウムの可能性を追求した、まだ世界にないプロダクトに挑戦したい。アルミニウムの美しさと機能性に惚れ込み、その想いに共鳴したプロデューサー、プロダクトデザイナー、照明職人がチームを作り「アルミナム デザイン コンセプト」が立ち上がりました。

Aluminum is the most plentiful metal on earth. However, 100% aluminum is almost nonexistent in the natural world. Because of this, there was a time in the past that aluminum was traded at prices that were higher than gold.
Aluminum refinement finally became possible in the 1800s and since then it has become an invaluable part of our lifestyles. The history of aluminum represents one of the rare cases of success in alchemy that remains in use today.
Although the history of aluminum as a product material is rather young, aluminum presents a unique feel gained through the processing and a distinct beauty created through chemical processing. Aluminum has so much potential as a decorative element in our lives.
I seek to create unique products that pursue to possibilities for aluminum. Enraptured by the beauty and functionality of aluminum, the ALMINUM DESIGN CONCEPT was launched as a team of producers, product designers, and lighting craftsmen who share my admiration for and joy of working with aluminum.






アルミニウムの可能性を追求する「ALMINUM DESIGN CONCEPT」のプロダクトとして生まれたのが、照明「KOSHI-30」です。

The lighting fixture KOSHI-30 was born as a product of the ALMINUM DESIGN CONCEPT, a product that pursues the possibilities for aluminum.
The name is derived from the Japanese word “KOSHI”, which depending on the characters used can mean both “photon”, a particle of light, and “lattice”, which since ancient times has been used with natural lighting.
Aluminum is machined using unique processing by a master craftsman who works completely by handto adjust 15 inner blades, 15 outer blades and 15 core plates to create a lattice structure that hides the actual light source.This detailed machining and assembly requires approximately two months from order to finish.
When the light is turned on, soft light spills out from spaces in between the plates and float up into the surrounding space. During the daytime, this dignified appearance decorates the space while creating a soft and peaceful mood. This lighting will elevate the quality of a variety of spaces, including living rooms, storefronts, entrances, and stairs. To enables aftercare, all parts can be disassembled and exchanged. This beauty is meant to last forever.